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Innovators Community is an information portal for innovators and inventors. It is an initiative of Winning Brands Corporation (OTC: WNBD).

We are inviting you to introduce yourself to us if you have cool new product ideas that you wish to launch. Our goal is to form joint ventures with you to assist with these launches and to share in the resulting sales revenue. Winning Brands does not want to take ownership of your idea or your company. That is how we are different to “venture capital”. We do also not charge innovators any fees for service. Our method is to assist, including the performance of work, and then share the results, for mutual benefit.

Winning Brands is preparing for a U.S. public financing under the new provisions of SEC Regulation A, Tier I. When this is complete, the company will have additional resources to support the teamwork and activities required for selected new product launches. We are considering such opportunities presently and are pleased with the quality of emerging project candidates.

It does not matter what stage you are at, or what sector your product is in. A network of people experienced in product development and launches can be called upon for a variety of business categories.

Innovators Community is a breakthrough concept for inventors because it leaves you with your existing ownership of your innovation/company intact and because no fees are charged. We are only interested in helping a revenue stream to emerge so that it can be shared between us on a basis to be decided together. For these reasons, we are also an exciting platform for public investors who do not have access to the success potential that a new-product launch portfolio represents.

Launches will occur through collaboration between Winning Brands and our Innovators Community in a variety of sectors. We embrace innovation. Through innovation we are always part of the future - never obsolete. It is a winning formula for all.


It’s nice dealing with people who are looking for ways to succeed together


A diamond in the rough has value to people who see potential


If you have several opportunities, that’s even better


Early stage or market ready – we have some flexibility.


Collective wisdom is amazing. Let’s engage with others appropriately.


There’s lots to do. Let’s identify priorities and take the right steps.


Let’s customize the right mix of factors to suit each project.


Let’s create conditions where rewards are the proper outcome. Service to others in meeting needs that are highly valued!


It would be a pleasure to celebrate your success. If you succeed, we succeed.


We are already receiving projects for consideration as joint ventures for commercialization. A few are shown below by small illustration. Innovators who contact us early in our formation have the best chance to receive our participation. If you are an innovator and would like to go into the early priority sequence, please introduce yourself via the e-mail link below.

We create joint ventures with innovators who want to launch their projects but lack funding and expertise to complete the task. Our collaborating Service Experts provide support for innovators. This is funded by our public company. We do not charge a fee like traditional "inventor help" companies. Instead, we will share in the resulting sales by means of a joint venture that is tailored to the circumstances of each innovation.

Projects can be products or services. They do not need to be the "disruptive" or "earth shaking" - they just need to be capable of generating sales revenue because they solve a problem or improve people's lives. This is an important distinction to traditional VC platforms. We are just as interested in smaller projects as large ones. The KEY qualifying characteristic is the realistic prospect of converting the project into sales revenue.

Innovator? Say hello at: InnovatorsCommunity@Gmail.com

Our first Joint Venture on its way...

Launch of new cleaning technology by Winning Brands and DAZZ™

Introducing DAZZ

Americans throw away approximately a billion empty plastic spray cleaner bottles per year at home, business and in industry – and the problem is growing.  This national habit is wasteful and expensive.  The innovation, called DAZZ, reduces this waste dramatically, while offering new consumer benefits.

DAZZ accomplishes this by replacing the active ingredients of typical pre-filled spray cleaners, which are mostly water by volume, with an exceptionally concentrated tablet the size of a penny – the most efficient refill method ever developed for this use.  Different tabs are available for different uses, and each creates a different color for easy recognition, such as blue for window cleaner. Each has its own contemporary fresh scent. The spray bottle does not need to be thrown away. This savings cycle can be repeated endlessly; less waste, lower cost

A breakthrough for ethical consumers
who care about cleaning with a clear conscience.

So what is DAZZ?

DAZZ is a concentrated cleaning tablet approximately the size of a penny.  The DAZZ tab-concentrate self-activates when dropped into ordinary tap water in a spray bottle at home.  Upon contact with water, DAZZ starts bubbling and immediately begins transforming the tap water into a blended professional cleaning solution within the bottle itself, assuming a unique color for each intended application.  To replenish an empty bottle again, the consumer simply drops a replacement DAZZ tablet into the same sprayer after filling it with ordinary tap water.  This cycle can be repeated endlessly.  With this easy replenishment, there is no need to throw the bottle away.  Standard plastic spray bottles are so durable that they last for years, yet they are typically thrown away when the bottle is empty for the first time.  DAZZ permanently eliminates the need to discard empty spray cleaner bottles, while also providing continuous savings to consumers through lower prices.

The impact of the DAZZ system can be to eliminate millions of tons of plastic and other packaging waste, reduce carbon creation, electricity use and highway transport issues associated with the manufacturing and distributing pre-filled spray cleaners that are mostly water. Americans are not the only ones to discard a massive quantity of empty trigger sprayer bottles annually; the problem is international with growing global affluence.

In terms of performance, independent lab testing has shown that the tab-activated DAZZ cleaning solution performs as well or better than leading spray cleaner brands at a fraction of the cost of standard pre-filled bottles.  Various DAZZ tablets are available for the most popular uses such as windows/glass, all-purpose and bathroom/kitchen, with more coming.

David Shahan
Chief Innovation Officer of SunState Labs states:

“I have been working for years to get this innovation to this point.  Now, I really care about having people discover how useful DAZZ is.  It’s a legacy that I am proud of – and will continue to grow as we keep up our R&D and leverage our unique know-how.  It’s exciting to be making new friends and contacts with the Winning Brands joint venture.  We are going to make a positive difference in the world and we are willing to share the growth opportunity with people who will help us reach these goals.”

To learn more about DAZZ, please visit  DAZZCleaner.com

Ethical, environmentally responsible, forward looking – and fun! - DAZZ is the most efficient refill system ever developed in this category. It has such extreme advantages that the DAZZ system may represent a tipping point for a new paradigm in household cleaning – the re-use of spray cleaner bottles as the new norm.

Join us for this DAZZling journey!


Wind Energy Alternatives

Inventor Images-05


Inventor Images-09

Halo Internal Combustion Engine

Inventor Images-08

Halo Hover Craft

Inventor Images-03.

Growing Pre-Stressed Concrete Pillars

Inventor Images-01

Bionic Bever

Inventor Images-04

Thaw Champ

Inventor Images-02

SeaHorse Watercraft

Inventor Images-10.


There's a lot going on when your mission is awesome!


When success is occurs, it inspires others.  Of all the cubes on the left, which do we notice first?  The one that glows.  There are innovators with talent who have the capacity to glow, but need a helping hand . Let’s help their project shine. We build momentum in innovation launches.


Let’s harness the power of Innovators Community building beyond the borders of any single country to foster positive outcomes internationally – wherever there is internet to collaborate.


Prototyper and Inventor Russell Randall relaxes with one of his experimental prototypes in Florida. Russell is testing airflow, waterflow, weight distribution and assembly characteristics of the SeaHorse watercraft. It continues to be refined to achieve certain commercial launch benchmarks. A variety of iterations are being tested. This version is designed to be operated by the user's own bike.

Innovator: Russell Randall, Intelligent Design and Innovation / Videography: William Welch


We will be adding to this gallery a variety of selected talents who have success contributions to make. They are great at what they do and are community minded, They are experts in tasks associated with designing brands and launching ventures. They are also connected and future looking. Our network of experts is already much larger than shown here and is deployed on a customized basis to suit the needs of each project, as the Innovators Community moves forward.

Each joint venture with Innovators Community may involve a custom assembled team. The available range and composition of teams is vast. Each participating expert is a specialist suited to the project and a passion for what they do.

Matt Whetham
E-Commerce Expert, Whetham Solutions

Matt is bottom line practical about website functionality. His interest in design does not get ahead of his interest in the usefulness of the finished result. He’s a realist who gets systems up and running to manage transactions (and more) online.

WEBSITE: Whetham Solutions

Shanna Dennis
Brand Strategist, Enticity

Shanna loves branding. She and her team get to the heart of what an innovator cares about, how that is reflected in the resulting product or service and what type of relationship with the consumer is authentic and profitable.  Shanna also helps build the project teams!

WEBSITE: Enticity

Russell Randall
Prototyping, Intelligent Design and Innovation

Russell has the accomplishment of issued U.S. patent rights to his credit, as well as a track record of assessing what production issues are involved in physical manufacturing. An innovation mentor and rising talent.

WEBSITE: Intelligent Design


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