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Inspiration is the starting point. But it's not enough.

Converting inspiration into practical action. That's what winners do.

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Re-inventing how new product launches are partnered.

The Responsive Joint Ventures of Innovators Community.

There are many creative people in the world, with great ideas for new products and services.  Many are never launched due to financial constraints and a lack of connections.  Innovations Community may be able to help.  This is a lost opportunity for innovators and for society at large.

We invite great ideas that can be converted into sales revenue, through teamwork, that we can share on a fair basis.

If you are an innovator (eg. inventor, designer, product developer, entrepreneur or scientist) who would like to discuss a supportive role for us, please contact us. We will not ask for ownership of your company as venture capital will do. We are interested in sharing success by providing the means to help the project get going and achieve sales or boost sales.  Your ownership stays intact and we do not charge you fees.

If you would like to discuss your project, please see the Collaborators Page on this website.  Thank you for visiting.



Inspiration starts here

You know those TV shows in which innovators pitch their ideas to millionaires? Millions of viewers watch them, but those viewers are excluded from the deal flow.  They don’t have a way to share in the success of new product launches. Now there is a new way to be part of the action.  Thanks to the Innovators Community initiative of Winning Brands, the public can become shareholders of an enterprise that will help launch exciting new products, services and technology.  Winning Brands is embarking on a bold mission to be in the business of making the future happen by partnering in the launch of cool new products.

Our role is to help them start generating sales and then share the rewards on a fair basis.  We do not ask for ownership of an innovator’s company or intellectual property. Instead,  an available network of branding and launch associates choose the best prospects to work with.

Because of its Innovators Community initiative, Winning Brands doesn’t fear technology changes, we invite them.  You are never obsolete when you are part of the future.

Winning Brands is in the preparatory stage of filing a new U.S. SEC Regulation A Tier I share offering.  This is only the first step in building a launch portfolio of new products for the benefit of their innovators and Winning Brands shareholders, together.

America's creative genius has a lot in store.
We intend to bring great new things to life.

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If you are an innovator that would like to discuss launching your inspiration, please visit the Collaborators Page of this website.


If you would like to indicate your interest to be a shareholder, without obligation, simply visit the Investors Page of this website.


We help make things happen.

We are not passive venture capitalists.  We actually perform contributory tasks and then share the rewards with innovators on a fair basis, agreed in advance, by way of joint ventures.   We build Winning Brands shareholder value by helping to commercialize ideas and then sharing the resulting revenue with the innovators.  What could be fairer than that!

We are the public market doing what it should - growing the economy.

Winning Brands will apply a portion of the capital that it raises through its Regulation A, Tier I offering to the launch of new products and services that have been vetted by experts.  These are subject matter experts whose talents are relevant to the opportunities, by industry.  We do this with you, for the innovators and on behalf of our Winning Brands stakeholders.  We are a community of shared interests.  That’s what makes this effective and fun, both. We make a positive difference so that we all gain, and the world gets just a little bit better every time we succeed, together.

We are team oriented for today's collaborative culture.

The motivation of Winning Brands’ Innovators Community is to share success. The launch experts seek positive project outcomes.  Our innovator partners seek financial and personal rewards for their inspiration.  Our stockholders seek an attractive return.  If we are effective together, we all benefit.  In today’s competitive world, the opportunities associated with launching innovations have become enormous.  Modern society craves innovation.  Winning Brands’ Innovators Community initiative addresses this need in a new way.

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Inspiration by itself is not enough for success.  There are building blocks to put together properly.  These are necessary elements.  Winning Brands’ Innovators Community initiative will coordinate subject matter experts with innovators into collaborative teams around approved projects.

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Human potential has no known limit.  We climb every mountain and then still look higher. There is a yearning to advance.  Yet, applying this creative potential into practical action is the most difficult part of the journey. There are many obstacles.  Winning Brands’ Innovators Community breathes new life into the process of getting new products, services and technology into use.

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Tomorrow is not a mystery when you help design it! Modern civilization has enormous potential because humankind is creative and striving for the best that we can make of life.  Winning Brands’ Innovators Community initiative looks into the future with confidence and goodwill.  We are proud of what we do to make a difference.


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