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Regulation A+ brings new opportunities to public investors.

The American public does not yet realize it, but the JOBS Act and its so-called “Regulation A+” is a profound new opportunity for ordinary citizens. For the first time in decades, non-accredited investors can participate in the launch of direct private offerings of emergent companies that become known through general solicitation. In plain language this means that you don’t have to be a millionaire anymore in order to get in early on new companies that intend to go public.

Innovators Community arose to solve the problem of missing fairness. Presently, it is almost the exclusive domain of wealthy people and venture capital organizations to access “deal flow” (i.e. great new ideas being pitched for funding). The most obvious example of this are television programs that feature millionaires cherry picking inventions they like from innovators who are pitching deals. Up to now, the millions of ordinary TV viewers who like what they see in this deal flow are excluded from participation, because they are not already wealthy enough and don’t get offered these opportunities. The logic of this prohibition is that government previously thought that only high-net worth individuals can protect their interests when it comes to risk. The thinking was that “ordinary people” cannot adequately protect themselves due to ignorance and lack of experience. So, instead, ordinary people are left to buying lottery tickets, gambling and hoping that someone in their immediate family invents the next big idea.

Winning Brands Corporation will plan a Regulation A, Tier I offering under these new guidelines for the benefit of its existing projects and for its Innovators Community initiative.

Innovators will benefit too.  Winning Brands will deploy new resources to assist innovators to develop sales for their innovations through joint ventures based on revenue sharing as the reward rather than taking ownership away from the innovators. Also, Winning Brands does not charge fees for this, unlike typical “inventor help” outfits. This is a tremendous development for inventors, designers, developers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Innovators Community is the ideal combination of opportunity, shared effort and shared rewards for the benefit of public investors and innovators because it helps bring more exciting new projects to life. This is what the JOBS Act intended! The full name is the “Jumpstart our Business Start-ups Act”. At Innovators Community we will be respecting the spirit of this legislation and working hard to foster good outcomes for all stakeholders, and thereby for society in general.

Thank you for your interest. If you are a prospective innovator or public investor, please drop us a line and say hello. InnovatorsCommunity@Gmail.com

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A Wonderful New Way to Launch Innovations

Growing Number of U.S. Patents Issued Per Year........
Most new product ideas don’t make it to market due to lack of expertise and financial resources. Innovations Community is an initiative of Winning Brands Corporation (OTC: WNBD)  offering a joint venture platform for the benefit of innovators. The need for launch assistance is enormous and the positive potential is immense.

The future is a wonderful place.  That’s because we can make it so.

Innovators Community is an initiative of Winning Brands Corporation that is attractive as a business and also good for the world.  We are creating a new kind of platform to help innovators (inventors, designers, product developers, scientists and entrepreneurs) with resources and assistance to launch new products.

Our “Innovators Community” will benefit from Winning Brands’ planned SEC Regulation A, Tier I offering as a public company.  The purpose of the initiative is to aid the emergence of great new products, services and technologies across a range of sectors.  In the process, Winning Brands is providing public investors with a new way to have a stake in the future, because Winning Brands will share in the sales revenue of projects that are launched.

Thanks to the U.S. Congress and new securities regulations, investor access to emergent enterprises has been improved. Through the Innovators Community initiative of Winning Brands, our public stockholders will have a stake in a portfolio of joint ventures for innovation launches.  This expands’ Winning Brands access to new product, service and technology opportunities.   In this way, Winning Brands becomes connected to new ideas, continuously.   This platform will foster the emergence practical product and service concepts to share resulting revenue with innovators.  Many good ideas do not get commercialized due to the absence of this type of support.

Innovators are big winners in this arrangement.  Unlike traditional venture capital, Winning Brands does not require innovators to give up ownership in their ideas or companies.  Instead, the innovators and Winning Brands will share the sales revenue arising from the new product, service or technology on a mutually agreed basis.  What could be fairer than that!  It’s a refreshing new option for Innovators.

Innovators Community is an environment of respect for the innovator.  We have enthusiasm for their inspiration and we have pride in opening up this world of innovation potential to public investors.   The collaborative culture of Winning Brands’ Innovators Community will open doors for people to succeed.  Joint ventures with innovators for a better world – we can do this, together.

Future posts will describe more detail of the process by which Innovators Community will become operational.  Already, there is much work being done behind the scenes. We invite you to stay tuned and watch the birth and growth of a big idea that can be good for so many people.

Thank you for your interest and your goodwill.

Eric Lehner, CEO
Winning Brands Corporation

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