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A breakthrough in how New Product Launches are funded and how the rewards are shared

Winning Brands Trading Symbol is WNBD, quoted in the OTC Markets.  We are a “junior public company” with the entrepreneurial passion that drives progress through creativity and effort.

There are many inventive people in the world whose ideas can’t get launched because they don’t have the right connections, or resources.  We are developing a new way to help.  This creates new opportunities for investors too.  The Innovations Community initiative of Winning Brands satisfies a major unmet need.

Winning Brands is already receiving applications from innovators with great ideas that can be converted, through team work, into sales revenue that we can share.  The proposed Regulation A, Tier I offering by Winning Brands is only the first step.

Innovators Community is a powerful, socially responsible new business platform.  We can become enablers for the immense backlog of America’s creative genius and personal inventiveness everywhere.

Far more good ideas are generated than are launched due to the unmet need for joint ventures of this kind.  It’s an idea whose time has come.


Economic democracy.

SEC Regulation A+ is nothing less than a breakthrough in your economic democracy.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN GENERATIONS people who are not already wealthy have access to direct purchases of free trading shares from a qualified emerging public company. Previously, this right was confined to “Accredited Investors” (high net-worth persons).

Millions of people enjoy TV shows in which innovators pitch their ideas to millionaires. Most of them would be excluded from these opportunities because they are not already wealthy (“accredited investors”) – they are spectators only.  With recent updates to SEC Regulation A, the public at large can become shareholders of qualified offerings.  Winning Brands will tailor its future offerings to the meet the intention of the new legislation – more economic opportunity for all.

Joint ventures with innovators for new product launches

Why is this a win win?  Winning Brands does not require an ownership interest in the innovator’s company the way venture capital does.  Instead, we are interested in sharing revenue. We will do this by providing the means to help a project to launch and generating sales. Innovators have shown that they love this approach.  There is new deal flow already available to Winning Brands through its Innovators Community initiative.

Launch experts who review the opportunities score the applications based on their experience and then recommend which projects we should work with.  We perform some of the work related to the launches so that we are not passive observers.  We affect the success equation.

Risk is real and continues.  However, potential rewards to Winning Brands are expanded greatly through association with new product launch ideas across a variety of sectors.

Everyone can participate

Thanks to bi-partisan legislation in the U.S. Congress, by means of the JOBS Act, Regulation A+ (as it is popularly known) expands opportunities to adults who are not already wealthy to participate in qualified transactions.  Winning Brands is preparing a Regulation A, Tier I offering as the first step toward realizing the potential of the Innovators Community concept. The foundation of Winning Brands’ existing proprietary products will remain in place.


Innovation. Collaboration. Success.